how to purchase a domain name

HI welcome to new affiliate tips I am going to teach you how to purchase a domain name, I imagine that you must already have a project or you have already done your market research and you have defined what the name of the domain you want to buy will be and why you want them.

The most popular domain registrars

There are many websites where we can buy a domain and hire a hosting service, some of the best known:


the price for a is between 12-$15 per year, and the prices of the hosting from $5 to $10 a month a basic plan of shared hosting, if you want speed if there are other options that are more expensive but to start I recommend a basic plan.

Buy the domain name and hosting from a company

It is recommended that you buy the domain and the hosting from the same company because by doing this you save having to link the DNS where I buy the domain with the hosting service, I am going to show you how to do it in the 2 ways, whether you already have Good hosting in mind and you just want to buy a domain.

Show you some screenshots I’ll take GODADDY as an example, since I have some domains.

Check the domain for testing and it is available.

Here they offer you Privacy Protection for your domain that is so that no one knows who is the owner of the website or get information that was placed when buying it as mail, name and even Phone if you placed it doing searches in tools for that as in whois, yes you are not interested you place No Thanks

here you will have to create an account

then you must add the payment information, then Billing Information and complete your order, I will not continue with my account since when I start the section it automatically charges me I am not going to buy that domain that I will not use.

Congratulations you own an online domain this is the first step to start an online business.

Add the DNS of your hosting provider to link to your domain name

Log in to your GODADDY account, the following photo will appear:

I will use this domain that I have for tests, for the next step we need the DNS of the hosting provider where I am going to host the domain, normally when you acquire the service they send you by email the DNS that they assigned you or in your client panel of the company finds them.

These are the DNS that binds my domain:

replace the name servers with those of your hosting service provider

When making the change it will appear that it can take up to 24 hours to make the changes but it takes much less, we are going to have a coffee ☕ and come back in an hour.

We will enter the hosting Cpanel to add the domain

enter the cpanel your provider assigned you an URL and an username and password to enter the Cpanel to manage your hosting, with inside it will look like this:

we go to where it says domain we add it as shown in the images:

add the domain without HTTP or HTTPS

then we return to the main menu of the cpanel this is where you should already know what you want in your domain the most common thing is to install wordpress to create a blog or another content manager for this example we will install wordpress.

You go where it says softaculous apps installer, Softaculous is a web application installer that allows you to install any CMS in a few minutes, On the left side of this photo are the CMS if you want to install a blog, a forum template, photo gallery among other things.

We give it to install as shown in the photo and fill in the corresponding fields

Choose Installation URL

Please choose the URL to install the software:

if you select your domain and it gives you an error A trusted SSL Certificate was not found, you must change in Choose Protocol to HTTP this means that your domain does not have a valid SSL certificate, in a few words SSL is a standardized technology that allows encrypting data traffic between a web browser and YOUR website.

Site Settings:

Site Name : the name of your site

Site Description: description of your site

Admin Account

Admin Username: you user
Admin Password: youpassword_2020/*@
Admin Email: [email protected] yahoo or gmail

This step is important, these will be the credentials to enter your wordpress administration panel, put a password of more than 12 characters with capital letters, symbols and letters for greater security, and save it offline, nobody should share your access codes.

All the other fields remain the same, here we must select a theme it can be any later we can change it, in Email installation details to is optional, there you put an email to notify you that the installation of wordpress is ready

we give it to install and it will begin to install this process takes from 1 to 5 minutes.

At the completion of the installation the following screen will appear

We have already successfully installed wordpress in your domain to enter your wordpress administrator, you must enter the link where you manage your URL, that is where you will enter your blog from now on.

administrative URL:

This is how it will be when you start your administration panel for your domain in wordpress.

and our website online

Summing up, we bought the domain on, we used dollar2host as hosting to host the domain, we linked the DNS of our hosting to connect it to our domain, in the cpanel of our hosting we added the domain that we bought, then we used the softaculous installer and we install wordpress.

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