My name it Jose Miguel Piñango. I am Venezuelan, I have gone through many difficult things to get here, in case your do not know Venezuela it a country with exchange control and exaggerated inflation daily and the current minimum wage it less than $ 5 a month, so I took to search the internet a way to earn money probe ptc, surveys, rev share, multilevel and how much did I promise to generate money quickly, my biggest problem was the forms of payments since national banks do not allow receiving money from abroad and to be able to change dollar $ to bsf which it the currency in circulation or vice versa we have to go to a parallel market without rules and illegal and dangerous to get $ they cheated me several times trying to buy and sell $ for different payment processors to buy courses, personal use, tools among other things .

It was money that cost me many hours of online work and represented years of work in a traditional job in my country,  Several affiliate platforms and payment processors closed my accounts or denied access because I am Venezuelan. Since 2016, when I quit my traditional job, I have worked many things online, but in all of them, an obstacle always appeared, the most common was a form paying a credit or debit card that was a headache for me but until I met Payoneer which it a prepaid debit card that was the solution to my payment problems.

My native language it Spanish I bought several courses that did not work for me,  then I found 2 courses one for free traffic it called Cash Playa 3.0 and I generated good money with it and then Ingresos TV income that it from the author of the same creator of Cash playa this last year it for paid ppv traffic better known as pop up currently I still generate with ppv traffic and occasionally cash Playa so as not to lose the habit

When the covid-19 was presented, my business dropped the bids that I ran with free traffic and those for payments for the situation were canceled, which led me to look for another way to generate income looking for an email tool. I came to a blog where I met wealthy affiliate.

Wealthy affiliate it a marketing forum

where I registered and began to see the information all the material they have it in English the texts I translated them with the extension of google translator my big problem was the videos that could not be subtitled but even so I saw the training and I was convinced that that was what I wanted for me, the information it so clears and I saw the great potential that the internet has and how we can take advantage of it, they teach your step by step How to build your business from 0, whether your already have experience or are new.

I saw an opportunity that was very different from the other courses that motivated me to acquire the demonstration of the earnings, there were 2 courses that promised me results and they were shit , I could only be successful with cash playa 3.0, ingresos TV and With wealthy affiliate I am starting a new stage in my life.

The information I saw in wealthy affiliate was so motivating that the language did not make me hesitate for a minute, at first it costs work but after assembled it works 24/7, 365 days a year and the results are gratifying, That does not mean that he will not continue working on it, only that when he begins to see the results even if they are little, it is like an emotional gasoline that will drive him to continue working for what he wants.

wealthy affiliate  has a module called The Customer Purchase Life Cycle helps me improve my campaigns for ppv traffic along with the Jaaxy tool you can find new keywords and apply what you have learned in the moulo before mentioning me focused on the words keys where the client is ready to buy, I could understand that he was intercepting the client at a point where the client has not yet made a decision and although he is getting conversations not what he was doing in the right way, applying this technique I quickly obtained results due to the need to show the offer at the right time.

I am not a marketing guru, nor an internet millionaire, that’s why I call this blog new affiliate, I am still a new affiliate who loves what he does and lives 100% of affiliate marketing.

in all the courses I have been able to generate they taught me that we must respect the conditions and the rules of the advertisers they are ours partners therefore we must respect their conditions and not use unethical techniques for lead generation, our traffic must be qualified, as marketing professionals we have these principles do not take those shortcuts that will not benefit your at all this it a real business and very professional and should treat it as such.

I want your to not go through what I have been through or to be deceived on the internet, scammers that promise to make your “millionaire” very easily

Our goal is to provide you with the most inovations tools and information necessary to help you build your business.

the tools are very necessary in this world of internet marketing with it we can automate processes or perform tasks that would cost us a lot of work to do and in some cases it is impossible to do without it.

If your ever need a hand or have ay questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help your out.

All the best,

Jose Miguel