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There are many forums, but this time we are going to talk about Wealthy affiliates. It is an affiliate marketing forum for newbies. This forum is for people who are experienced or completely new. It shows us step by step how we can build an online business with solid foundations. They provide us with all the tools they need and information from the most basic to the most advanced, they have been in the market for more than 15 years, the forum is very active and has a very good dynamics.

What is the marketing forum for newbies

this forum unlike others that are normally for people who have already taken courses or have a little experience but who want to improve or learn new techniques, this affiliate marketing forums its objective is SEO (search engine optimization) has step by step training on how to build a website that will be you business on the internet 24/7, 365 days a year, it shows the ways to monetize a website with affiliate products, adsense, amazon affiliates, clickbank, jvzoo, among others.

How the sales process works, what to do and what not, how to properly optimize our website for search engines, in this way we will obtain traffic (visitors to you site) for free and there is also training for PPC traffic in the 4 main sources like GOOGLE, BING, YAHOO AND FACEBOOK BUSINNES.

Tools needed for affiliate marketing

It is very important to use tools in our internet business with them we can optimize processes, do tasks that doing them manually would take us a long time or would be impossible to do without a tool.

This forum includes the necessary tools to develop our online business, it offers us everything we will need in the process of building a business, the most basic tools such as:

  1. hosting
  2. domain
  3. keyword search tools
  4. site content: content creation tool, which helps us to efficiently create an article, necessary corrections, verify that we do not have duplicate content and at a click do not publish them on our website.
  5. Site feedback: This is a section where we publish our articles created and receive recommendations from other forum members to improve the visitor experience or errors that we ourselves could not detect.
  6. Site support: offer technical support if we have any problems on our site

market or niche research

something they teach us is WA is to do a good market or niche research, we can enter any niche regardless of whether it is a very competitive one since they teach us how we can reach our target audience with keywords with little competition, you do not need to be an expert In you niche on the road you become an expert or if you have a passion for something it would be you best option, there are many niches and WA also offers us an idea of niches and millions of products to offer.

With the keyword search tools tool jaaxy has a function of searching for affiliate programs for a specific keyword, idea and current trends, you can create a list of keywords and save them in order by category, niches, among others.

Large affiliates have monopolized the entire market

This is something that I have heard a lot that the big shots of marketing already have monopolized everything and that the new ones have no chance.

It is impossible to be in all niches sports, hobbies, collectors, cars, motorcycles, cartoons and much more are millions of niches and we just have to find that little mine and work it the internet is huge and there is for everyone, the internet has not yet arrived At its maximum capacity we are in full growth and the best time to do it.

We already do almost everything online if we want information about something we go to the internet, if we go to buy something in a store we also consult the internet for traditional businesses if they do not adapt to technology they will simply disappear in a few years.

Traditional business vs internet business

For a traditional business we need to have a good capital, we must register a company, rent a local, services such as water, telephone, electricity, internet, taxes, payment of employees, furniture, in terms of money it would be more than $ 100k as a minimum it depends on of business.

For an internet business we need a domain costs 12-15 $ per year, a hosting service costs 100-120 $ the year of a shared basic plan, a keyword tool in the market there are many and cost more than $100 -150 $ the month.

But in Wealthy Affiliate which is the marketing forum we are talking about is a paid forum but we have a started membership where you have access to the platform, you will have 10 free lessons, access to 20 keyword searches with the jaaxy tool, you can create a free website on the platform among other things.

Opt for a free website with word press here so you can get familiar:

put the name as you want you website to be called, register and in one click you will have a free website

For example, if you want the test2020 domain, you site will look like this and that’s not all if you start adding content and then want to upgrade to premium for $49 / month, you buy a domain and with one click you move you website test2020.siterubix. With the domain that you buy with a single click, this is something very difficult to do by ourselves or it would cost us something to hire a professional to do it, this is one of the many benefits that we have as a premium member.

Affiliate marketing forum Ranking global

In some training before coming to Wealthy affiliate, I always heard speak and recommend various marketing forums as the big ones in the industry, I even had some of them for a while, I already had knowledge in basic marketing and before becoming a premium member of WA I decided Do an investigation on them with free tools like Alexa and similar web and to my surprise WA has a x3 x7 advantage in terms of global positioning and in the category, I will not memorize the forums here I will only leave you this image taken with the extension similar web.

The closer a website is to 0, the more traffic and the better positioned it will be, in the photo you can see the number of visits per month that WA has, what would you say of a store that a lot of people see every month?

Concluding remarks

conclusion if you want to start in this wonderful world online Wealthy affiliates is an excellent option to start an online business, it gives us everything you need, to have results you need to be constant and take action you can do it full time or parallel to you employment if you have one and are looking for something additional.

If you are an employee, would you not like to be you own boss, work from home and not be limited to a fixed salary and meet schedules? I do not ask you to leave you job now you can dedicate in you free time to build a business that generates passive income.

Read my WA review on HERE

If you ever need a hand or have ay questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

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